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Reboot on Coronado principal search: Community members sought again for interview panel

       Rebooting its principal selection process, Coronado High is requesting volunteers for a one-day community panel to ask questions of a short list of candidates.
       People need to be available Thursday, April 10 from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.
       The panel's input will be considered in the hiring decision, as it was four years ago when David Engstrom was selected as well as last month when District 11 Superintendent Nick Gledich picked no one.
       D-11 has the position posted now, with applications being taken until March 31.
       The short list (usually three to seven candidates) will have been determined through a D-11 administrative screening process.
       School staff and student committees will also interview those final candidates.
       Gledich will decide who to hire sometime after that, with a Board of Education vote making it formal.
       After an initial process starting in January (and including community/staff/student interviews Feb. 27), a hiring decision for Coronado's principal had been expected this month. However, Gledich instead reposted the position.
       He has not specified why he did that, but he did write in an e-mail to a community member: “After final interviews for the Coronado principal, I determined that it would be beneficial to repost this position. We anticipate that more applicants may apply. Those who applied previously may also reapply."
       Community members (usually Westside residents and/or parents of students) are asked to contact Karen Petersilie at 328-3611 if they are interested in serving on the April 10 panel.
       The new principal will lead the school starting in August. The current head is Marcia Landwehr, a former assistant principal who was designated by Gledich for this year and will retire at school year's end.
       Engstrom led Coronado for three years before Gledich reassigned him to be principal of the new Wasson alternative campus this school year.

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(Posted 3/18/14; Schools: Coronado)

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