Colorado Springs municipal election
Meet the City Council candidates

By Kenyon Jordan, Westside Pioneer Editor

       With so many City Council candidates and only one ballot (per person), the Westside Pioneer has set aside space this issue to let them share at least some of their goals and ideas.
       On Pages 4-7 (District 3) and 10-13 (At Large), we have printed the responses to questions we asked of the two District 3 candidates (the winner will serve an area that includes the Westside) and of the 16 at-large candidates (the top five vote-getters will serve the entire city).
       The City Clerk's Office was sending out mail-in ballots to voters this week. Marked ballots need to be returned no later than 7 p.m. election day, Tuesday, April 5. If you are a registered voter and did not get a ballot, call the city clerk at 385-5114.

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