EDITORíS DESK: The week off is just a coincidence

       You can't say we didn't warn you. We mentioned here last week it was coming, and sure enough, here it is - the March 17 Westside Pioneer, which, as you may already have noticed, is full to the ballot box lid with City Council candidate commentary.
       It's only a coincidence that right after this issue we're taking a week off from publishing. Honest!
       But getting back to the candidates, I have to admit I was outfoxed by the two District 3 hopefuls. I had thought that, by asking them which mayoral candidate they favored and why, I could gain some insights into their deeper inner thoughts. Well, I'm pretty sure Lisa and Michael didn't compare notes in advance, but sure enough, they both came back with almost identical answers - the pledge to work with whoever is elected mayor. And I'll take more syrup on those pancakes, please.
       Actually, I think it was a valid question, even if I understand why the candidates had trepidations about providing a frank reply. If the "wrong guy" gets elected, the last thing the new District 3 electee would want is to be on record favoring his philosphical opposite. But the truth is - and no doubt you've seen this for yourselves - this election offers quite a spectrum of philosophies, among the candidates for council as well as for mayor. Would a Councilmember Merrifield dance in place if a Mayor Gilmore followed through on his campaign proposals to cut business taxes and regulations? And would a Councilmember Czelatdko eagerly second a motion supporting a hypothetical Mayor Skorman call to power the Cheyenne/Broadmoor area with wind power - and to send those residents the bill?
       You get the idea. But you know, what's really burning me right now isn't politics; it's those arrogant yo-yos who cut their own "trail" at the Garden of the Gods. Too bad we can't assign catching them to the candidates. First one to find the perpetrators wins. We'd probably get a collar in a day.

- K.J.