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A crane sitting in 25th Street raises a large box to the top of the Templeton Building March 18.
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Crane closes 25th Street for a day - meteors and zombies... or roof repair?

       With traffic closed in both directions, a large crane worked in the middle of 25th Street between Colorado and Pikes Peak avenues for several hours March 18. With its boom telescoped up 40 feet or so, the machine hoisted numerous large boxes, sealed mysteriously in plastic, onto the flat roof of the three-story Templeton Building at the northwest corner of 25th and Colorado.
       The activity prompted a sense of the unknown. Had a meteor landed on top of the historic Old Colorado City building? And could this event in turn have unleashed space zombies, triggering an urgent need for the boxes, filled with laser weaponry for unseen rooftop fighters engaged in a grim, silent battle for the fate of mankind?
       The latter scenario is an extension of an idea by Jill Kolman, co-owner of the nearby Mother Muff's restaurant, who admitted she was just hoping to start an interesting rumor.
       Of course, there was always the possibility of a more mundane explanation. Perhaps the crane had instead been contracted by Elicra Investments, the Templeton Building's ownership group, because the cold, snowy winter caused excessive leaks in a roof that had been repeatedly patched over the years. Indeed, according to Eli Muhl of Elicra, a three-week replacement project is under way, at a cost of about $70,000. So the factual story is that the boxes contained roofing materials.
       Kolman liked the meteor idea better. Who wouldn't?

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(Posted 3/19/15; Business: Changes)

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