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Flood repairs... ABOVE: Contracted stone masons work on a stone wall near the pavilion (background, upper left) in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. BELOW: Recently completed erosion-control work at the Scotsman Picnic Area in the Garden of the Gods.
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City Parks flood repairs include Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon

       Flood-repair projects in the Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon Open Space are part of a city effort this winter to eradicate damage caused by the heavy rains of 2013 throughout its parks system.
       Particularly visible in recent weeks has been the work by Colorado Springs Parks contractors to fix a major erosion
problem in the intermittent stream at the Garden's Scotsman Picnic Area off Garden Drive and to resurrect a collapsed stone wall near the pavilion in Red Rock Canyon.
       Also, according to City Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber, contractors with hand tools and/or machinery have been addressing flood-damaged trails in more than 150 locations. The problem trail sections total 5.4 miles “in the following parks and open spaces: Red Rock Canyon, Stratton Open Space, Ute Valley Park, Blodgett Park Peak, University Park, Palmer Park and Garden of the Gods,” he said.
       The overall park/trails repair cost is about $515,000, a city press release states.
       Lieber said 75 percent of that is being covered by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant, 12.5 percent by the state and the retaining 12.5 percent by the city.
       The repairs started in December, with completion in all the project areas expected at least by April. “The scope of work includes slope stabilization, roadway repair, and drainage improvements,” the press release states. Lieber added that “while we will do our best to keep the trails open at all times, the contractor may have to close sections of trails during the work day or have a rolling trail closure.”
"Before" photos, from similar angles as above... LEFT: The Red Rock wall in 2013, after it collapsed during the heavy rains that summer. RIGHT: The Scotsman Picnic Area in January 2014.
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Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 3/21/15; Projects: Flood Repair)

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