Westside schools:
Bristol treats eyes and ears

       Scores of parents and other guests visited Bristol Elementary the evening of March 14 for sight and sound presentations of art.
       Katie Robinson and Pam Hoots, art and music instructors, respectively, organized displays and demonstrations reflecting a range of cultures and styles. In addition, the school's Suzuki violin students (grades K-1) played for family members in their classroom.
       Examples of the art on the walls from grades K-5 were African masks, Tibetan mandalas, Navajo rugs and Japanese portraits. In the gym, students in grades 2-5 demonstrated well-known movements from square dancing and jump roping and those less well-known from the lummi sticks game (used by the Maoris, Chinese, Eskimos and Indians) and tinikling (the national dance of the Phillipines which uses bamboo poles that are alternately slid together and tapped apart).
       Bristol is an arts magnet school for District 11.
       Five students from Westand five from Holmes were honored this week as recipients of awards from their middle schools in the Colorado Youth Citizenship Awards (CYCA) program in District 11.
       Feted at a reception hosted by Superintendent Dr. Sharon Thomas March 14 were the following students:
       Holmes: Adrian Brown, Alexander Cipoletti, Megan Flynn, Alexana Rotunda and Karl Schroeder.
       West: Alan Medellin, Meha Semwal, Julia Ayles, Brandon Hart and Michael Mangin.
       The winners, who receive savings bonds of up to $100 each, were selected by the CYCA committee from applications sent in by students. Judging was based on citizenship, personal and social standards, reliability, acceptance of responsibility and service.
       Coronado High teacher Leona Lindvall is a recipient of the 2006 ProStart Teacher Excellence Award, presented by the National Restaurant Association.
       ProStart is a nationally certified food service/hospitality management program that introduces high school juniors and seniors to careers in the hospitality industry.
       Lindvall's efforts for students enrolled in the ProStart program include guest speakers and field trips.
       She will be recognized at a special event in Chicago May 20.
       Jackson Elementary's Valentine's spaghetti dinner raised $400 for the school's music program. Entertainment for the attendees was provided by the school's Honor Choir, directed by Angela Bruno.
       Buena Vista Elementary will receive 10 rose bushes from the National Gardening Association as part of its “Remember Me” awards program. To be eligible for the award, the school needed to present a plan for a garden with at least 15 kids, according to the association's website.
       Buena Vista Principal Brenda Smith said the bushes will be planted in front of the school and tended by students as part of an educational effort.

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