OWN sets subcoms for Hwy 24, Colorado Ave. bridge

       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board designated two subcommittees at its March 9 meeting - one to look into details for a gateway sign on Colorado Avenue below the new I-25 overpass and another to consider the Westside Pioneer's proposed “First do no harm” solution for expanding Westside High- way 24's traffic capacity.
       Based on a previous discussion with state engineers, the sign would go on or near the new overpass (which is to be built in 2006-07 as part of the I-25 COSMIX project). The sign would face westbound motorists on the avenue. Word-by-word votes - involving all Westsiders in attendance - were used at the March 9 meeting to come up with the sign's message: “Historic Old Colorado City.” The subcommittee is to develop recommendations on the size, design and typeface.
       The Highway 24 subcommittee includes representatives from OWN and the Pioneer. The Pioneer's plan - in contrast to alternatives presented to date by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) - suggests ways to expand the highway without removing homes and businesses. The plan was described in the March 9 issue of the newspaper.
       OWN members also expressed puzzlement that CDOT's traffic projections show greatly increased numbers on Highway 24 in the year 2030 west to Manitou Springs, but west of Manitou the numbers barely go up at all. Vice President Welling Clark said he is researching that issue.
       Both subcommittees are expected to report back at the next OWN board meeting Thursday, March 23 at the West Intergenerational Center, 25 N. 20th St. The meeting, free and open to the public, will start at 7 p.m.

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