The bartender’s return
‘Emotional tie’ leads to Meadow Muffins purchase

       The new owner of Meadow Muffins needs no introduction to the place.
       Jeff Summers has been a commodities trader since 1998, but in the 15 years before that he had worked as a bartender or cook at the colorful Old Colorado City bar and restaurant at 2432 W. Colorado Ave.
       “I came in here with an emotional tie,” he said this week.
       He bought the business from Charlie Tutt, who had owned it for the past seven years. The official ownership name was and is Meadows Muffins LLC.
       He plans no radical changes in the business operations. “I want to keep Meadow Muffins the same, just do some things better,” Summers said. Key examples of this will be “improving the consistency of the product and lowering prices,” he explained. And, sports fans may appreciate the wide-screen TV that he plans to have up in time for the “March Madness” college basketball championships.
       The musical emphasis is changing somewhat. Live musicians will play up to three times a week, but there will be fewer loud bands. And on Friday and Saturday nights, instead of bands, there will be a deejay presenting a “diversity of dancing music (chiefly rock and pop),” Summers said.
       The issue with loud bands is that customers - even those who aren't seated up close - have a hard time conversing when the music is blasting, he pointed out.
       Hip-hop, though popular with some people, will not be part of Meadow Muffins' musical menu. When that format was tried by the previous ownership, patron problems had arisen. Summers inquired about offering it, but “police said we couldn't,” he noted.
       Summers will be a visible owner, also serving as manager. “I'm here 24/7,” he said, half-jokingly.
       Located on the first floor of the 105-year-old Waycott Building since the 1970s, the business employs about 27 people.

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