Responses to ‘Pioneer plan’ for Hwy 24

       Congratulations on your “Pioneer's Plan” (for Westside Highway 24 in the March 9 Westside Pioneer)! We have gone to several of CDOT's presentation evenings and viewed the multiple plans presented. None were worthy. They all looked like some monster invasion of our territory! But thank God, someone on the Westside has a brain!
       I was delighted with the idea of a new road cutting across from Highway 24 at 14th Street to 21st Street. I think the owners of Gold Hill Mesa would get increased exposure for potential customers if this road passed by the commercial mall they're planning. It is dreadful to think that CDOT's plan could destroy the beautiful four corners of 21st and Highway 24! How dare they?
       At 25th Street, we have seen a torn fence opening and pedestrians scrambling across Highway 24 for the past 30 or 40 years. It is the only way to cross the highway (almost safer than at the red lights). The highway is a formidable barrier to foot traffic - not unlike the risk of crossing some “Berlin Wall”! It needs your proposed pedestrian overpass to link north Westside to south Westside.
       Also, I think that the 26th Street access to Old Colorado City is more favorable than the 21st Street access. Just think, turn off Highway 24 north on 26th Street and you see a sweet little park, a city parking lot, a state-of-the-art lodge, an inviting café, an ice cream parlor and the wonderful stores! Capitalize on the most appealing corner! It just begs you to stop and check things out (and SHOP!)
       Bravo, Editor. You did GOOD!! What can we do to help you get this plan through?

Audrey Ward

       Thank you for your thoughtful article providing alternatives for the Westside Highway 24 expansion. It is easy to criticize plans that are on the table, but much harder to think up viable solutions that could satisfy the needs of several different groups. Let’s hope that CDOT is reading. Yes, the situation on Highway 24 needs to be improved, but if there is a reasonable proposal that would avoid relocating homes and businesses, let’s examine it!

Karen Pierce

       Great article and outstanding, realistic alternatives. Now if only CDOT will listen.

Allen Herzberg

Editor’s note: The following Highway 24-related letter arrived before the March 9 issue.
       In making changes to Highway 24, I believe the historic nature and character of the Old Colorado City and Midland area should be preserved. Existing homes and businesses should not be destroyed. For this reason, I prefer the expressway alternative of six lanes at grade with stoplights at 31st Street, 26th Street and 21st Street. An overpass interchange at 21st Street would destroy not only houses and buildings, but also the character of the area. It would be ugly.
       An access from the Gold Hill Mesa area between 21st and 8th streets would take a lot of traffic off 21st Street. In choosing a location, I believe we should avoid routing traffic through quiet neighborhoods. There is already an entrance and exit on the north of Highway 24 at 14th Street. Businesses and residents there are already used to traffic, so I believe 14th Street is the logical choice for access to the Gold Hill Mesa area. Installing an overpass interchange south of the present Highway 24 at 14th Street would not destroy existing buildings. Gold Hill Mesa developers could adjust their plans based on an interchange there.
       The buildings south of Highway 24 on 8th Street are modern commercial. Owners there might be willing to relocate to accommodate an interchange in the area, but we should not destroy businesses and buildings that have a historic flavor and make the Westside so distinctive.

Geraldine Shamhart Kirkmeyer