EDITORíS DESK: A salute to Sgt. Logan

       I hadn't met James Logan before his last week at West Middle School, but now I feel as if I missed out. The sadness that many students displayed March 10 at the art teacher's departure - off to risk his life for freedom in Iraq - was obviously heartfelt. So was the man's simple, straightforward take on the situation, that at this point in time his talents as a soldier must outweigh his talents as a teacher.
       We hope to keep tabs on Sgt. Logan's progress in the months ahead. And it gives us one more reason to pull for success in Iraq... so that Logan's term as a national warrior can end, and his time as a West Warrior can start up again.
       And, in other school news... Bristol Elementary put on a good show March 14 for its annual Arts Night. As the school continues to evolve into an "arts magnet," it's fun to see the creativity that's being stimulated there. Lummi sticks or tinikling, anyone? Or how about Tibetan mandalas and Navajo rugs?
       It's true that Bristol is facing some administrative pressure right now - a result of academic performance drops in last year's Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) testing. But if it's true, as many educators firmly believe, that art stimulates learning, then maybe having Arts Night on the eve of this year's CSAP testing will bring out the best in these young scholars. It's certainly not for lack of effort by the Bristol staff.
       The 23rd annual St. Patrick's Day Parade raised spirits on the Westside March 11. Kudos to parade founders/organizers John and Carol O'Donnell for once again generating a special sort of liveliness in this late-winter time frame.

- K.J.