Mesa Springs hears RTA high points, Centennial lowdown

       Mesa Springs residents got updates on Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) roadwork around the county March 11, but are still wondering about the future of two major transportation issues closer to home.
       The speakers at the Mesa Springs Community Association meeting were County Commissioner/RTA chair Sallie Clark, RTA Citizens Advisory Committee Chair Tom Harold and Robin Kidder of City Engineering.
       Each spoke highly of the RTA's efficiency in using the 1-cent sales tax since 2005 to pay for new projects, maintenance and transit needs. Harold, a life-long resident who decided to volunteer for the city as a way to “give back” to the community, said he had once been a government skeptic but that has changed since he started to see how things work close up.
       The Mesa Springs-area issues still facing uncertainties are the partially built Centennial Boulevard extension and Fillmore/I-25 interchange. Completion of the first and replacement of the second have been identified as transportation needs, but not as high enough priorities to get them done in the immediate future.
       For example, in the recently approved regional priority list, neither project is set for funding until after the year 2020.
       Plus, with Centennial, private developer assistance is needed, in addition to any public funds, Kidder explained. He did point out that a less intensive “pioneer road” could finish the connection between Fillmore Street and the Fontanero/I-25 interchange in a speedier time frame. However, when asked by a resident if he could predict if completion would occur “within 2 or 10 years,” he conceded that he could not.
       Kidder did announce that the city will take action on a situation that has recently left Van Buren Street and Mesa Valley Road open to the partially finished Centennial segment behind the Indian Hills subdivision. The problem would normally be corrected by the developer, but in this case Indian Hills is going through foreclosure, he said. City Traffic crews will be installing barricades at the ends of both streets “within one week,” he elaborated after the meeting.

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