Holmes’ 8th-graders readying for 2 art exhibits

       Holmes Middle School's eighth-grade art students are readying for not one, but two art exhibits in the coming weeks.
Holmes student Dan Smith “wears” a gauntleted arm in one
of 25 “Pandora’s Box” pieces the school will have in an
exhibit with the Watercolor Society.
Westside Pioneer photo Zac Souza displays his “Pandora’s Box” project.
Westside Pioneer photo
Andreina Segura displays her “Pandora’s Box” project.
Westside Pioneer photo

       One of them, in conjunction with the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, “has really pushed the kids beyond typical eighth-grade thinking,” said their teacher, Pam Holnback.
       This is the “Pandora's Box” exhibit, in which 25 students each received a bag containing two items - a replica of a body part (head, arm or legs) and a miscellaneous object. The challenge has been to devise a piece of three-dimensional art incorporating the two items and putting it on a poster board.
       Their works, to be grouped with 25 by the Watercolor Society to make six “people” in all, will be shown for a month at the Warehouse Restaurant, 25 W. Cimarron St., starting April 4, Holnback said.
       The other exhibit, consisting of her students' work in a variety of media, will be on display at the Frameworks Gallery in the Bon shopping center for two weeks, starting April 18.
       “The kids are all excited to be part of an art opening,” said Holnback, who was pleased to get the opportunities through her contacts with the Watercolor Society and a parent (Christine Colvin) who owns Frame-works. “Most don't know what an opening is. It's great for them to be involved in the community and with their school.”
       A recent visit to the class confirmed that the students in the “Pandora” project are enjoying the creative possibilities.
       One example was Lia Miller, who had received a head and a small mirror. She did a plaster mold of her face, which she attached to the poster board, covering all of it (including the face) with mirrors. “I was just looking for a good way to incorporate mirrors,” she said.
       Zac Souza built his board with a metallic-looking arm rising from a board of a similar color. With an antenna being his object, he also glued in 66 hardware washers. “I wanted it to look like something popping out of a big plate of metal,” he said.
       Andreina Segura received a head and a calculator. She is merging the head into the poster board, with the image of a calculator blending into her face.
       Dan Smith made his arm into a spiked gauntlet, using super glue caps (glue was his object) as the “spikes.”
       Jordan Townsend got an arm and a notebook. His creation shows a hand writing. Text items are all over the board. A closer look show that he has incorporated his interest in Elvis Presley, listing various informational bits about the early rock icon.

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