EDITORíS DESK: A visit to Sno-White

       I got a chance to do something unusual a few days ago. I got to see the inside of Sno-White Linen & Uniform Rental in Old Colorado City. It's quite the place - busy workers, whirring machinery, and always the cloth products making their way through the cleaning and drying process.
       I know some people who might have viewed the same scene and not come away impressed. They might have clucked sympathetically about worker salaries or conditions or suchlike. All I can say is, some of the most memorable times in my workaday life came from jobs similar to that (not meaning to lump Sno-White, which appears to care about its employees, with some places I've been), where you know you need a paycheck and you're even ready to try something new (and even a little scary) to earn it. And once you're there, you plug along, trying to do your job right - even if (and possibly because) you're keenly aware it's not going to change the world. All the while, if you're lucky, you develop a unique sort of bond with others toiling around you. And at the end of the day, you come home feeling tired but with that strangely gratifying sensation (especially in these days when beggars are glorified) of knowing you worked hard.
       I met workers at Sno-White who have been there 30 or 40 years. That's their choice. Others, perhaps restless types like I was, might earn a few paychecks and then move on (sometimes wishing later they'd stayed to earn a few more). But my main point is that Old Colorado City, in its growing gentility, should never wish Sno- White was elsewhere. Because "elsewhere" is often hard to find (see Van Briggle Pottery or Johnson Heating and Plumbing). Sno-White not only cleans our linen, it give jobs to people who need them. And that is a good thing.

- K.J.