COBWEB CORNERS: Colorado Avenue: West from 29th

By Mel McFarland

       If there is one area I remember the best it is around Whittier School. I lived on either Colorado, Pike's Peak or Kiowa in the late 1940s and early 1950s. My folks had several places in that area we called home, usually a few months at a time. Colorado Avenue was my favorite, and today I'll say a bit about that area. Staring at Fire Station 5, there is a door on 29th that is not the same as it was back then. The Colorado Springs Fire Department has an old steam pumper. It is in the department's museum collection, but in the early '50s it was kept in the back of the station. You could barely see it, except firefighters occasionally rolled it out for parades.
       Across 29th, the old City Hall, formerly Whittier School, was the Western Hotel and Cafe for a few years. On the south side of the street, where Mason Jar sits, was a grocery store, Brookside Market. It was a grand old store, like groceries were for many years. Standing at the light at 30th today, it is hard to visualize the number of houses that are now gone. Camp Creek goes under Colorado near here, but you would never know it now. There had been a grocery store at the corner of 30th, on the north side, but it was closed. Yet another family grocery store was on the north side, halfway between 30th and 31st. In the 1950s, it was also closed. This was also a longtime motel area. Mountain View Lodge on the north side sat next to Glendale Cottages, about where today's Wendy's sits. Across the street was Sleepy Hollow Cottages and Earl James' gas station. I've talked about this corner before, but I just learned that Earl also sold coal. Only his house (at the northeast corner of 31st and Colorado) remains from that era. Next door at the time was the home of the Hoot Sullivan family. I watched traffic on Colorado from their front yard many a summer day!
       Before 31st was cut through, Cupp's Cottages sat at that spot. Just up the street at 3165 was John Bock's Round Up Saddle Stables, which at one time had been owned by Fred Barr. This spot is better known as the spot Howard Smith had his first Barbeque. Ah, the aroma from that spot was famous! His smokers sat by the front door. An earlier barbeque restaurant had been near here, but it burned down in the mid 1950s. There were several motels along this stretch between 31st and Adams Crossing. Many reminders are still to be seen here and there, including the old Yucca Lane Camp, Adams Grocery building and the wall from Stonewall Cottage Camp. Did you know that Old Town Liquors (now Bob's) goes back fifty years?