‘I am proud of my record of service’
       In his letter, published by the Westside Pioneer March 5, my opponent said I was trying to “stir up” a fracas over the comments by one of his supporters. Rather than a fracas, all I asked my opponent and his supporter to do was correct the record. He has never responded to me directly.
       Dave Gardner wrote, “I don't feel it is my place to police the views of individual citizens and how they express them.” The problem is this “citizen” is perhaps his most ardent supporter.
       Unlike my opponent, I will assume responsibility for any incorrect statements made about my opponent during this campaign by me or by one of my supporters. I will publically correct any misrepresentations as soon as possible.
       With only a little over a week before ballots are mailed, I think it is time for my opponent to concentrate on what he will do for the voters on the Westside. After all, that is what this election is really about. I have worked hard for the interests of the Westside and I am proud of my record of service to the Westside and to the city as a whole. The voters deserve to know what he will do better than I.

Jerry Heimlicher
Colorado Springs City
Councilman (D3)