Ballots going out for city’s mail election

       The city election is all mail-in this year, with ballots needing to be in by April 7. Four district council seats, including Districts 1 and 3 (covering parts of the Westside), will be decided, along with four ballot questions.
       According to a city press release, the ballots will be mailed to registered voters starting March 13.
       A change in this year's election is that the city will not mail out a summary of pros and cons on the ballot questions. Instead, this information is provided on-line via the City Clerk's Office's website at People who do not own computers can read a printed copy at the Clerk's Office in the City Administration Building (CAB), 30 S. Nevada Ave.), explained Sue Blumberg of City Public Communi-cations. Or, she said, “They can go online at any library or on our PCs available in Human Resources at the CAB.”
       The decision not to mail out printed ballot-question documents was budgetary. The city is saving $16,000 as a result, Blumberg said.
       The city election website also provides a list of council candidates, maps of council districts, frequently asked questions about mail-ballot elections and the election calendar.
       The only candidate race directly affecting the Westside is District 3, where incumbent Jerry Heimlicher is facing first-time candidate Dave Gardner. In District 1, which also covers part of the Westside, incumbent Scott Hente is unopposed.
       The four ballot questions are:
       1A - to allow the city to keep a .665 mill levy through 2025, with the proceeds to be used by City Council to promote the city to employers.
       1B - to let the city keep an estimated $1.2 million in tax revenues collected over the TABOR limit to apply to “essential city services.”
       1C - to increase the maintenance-dedicated percentage of Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) tax revenues from 6 to 15 percent.
       1D - to allow the city's enterprises' revenue totals to consist of more than 25 percent federal funds without their being subject to TABOR tax limitations.
       For more information, or to check your voter registration status, call the City Clerk's Office at 385-5901.

Westside Pioneer/press release