Ranch’s orchard to be restored; replacements found for popular horse and cow that died

       Although events and other specifics for the coming season are not yet available, long-time ranch followers will be interested to know the following updates:
       * The Broadmoor Garden Club plans to restore the orchard, including the addition of 15 new apple trees.
       * Two well-liked farm animals - Dan the 7-yearold draft horse and Rachel the 20-year-old Jersey dairy cow - died over the winter (he of colic, she of old age). Both have since been replaced by animals who are reportedly similar in type and temperament.
       In search of the “new Dan” (a sorrel Belgian draft horse gelding 17 hands high and 6-7 years old), Rock Ledge Ranch Manager Andy Morris used contacts in the business to eventually find the right animal at an Amish farm in Iowa, according to the Annunciator, a quarterly publication of the ranch's Living History Association.
        A replacement for Rachel was found at the Littleton Heritage Ranch, from which Rachel had also come, the Annunciator reported.

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