Why it’s not White House Ranch anymore

       For those who remember Rock Ledge Ranch as the “White House Ranch”…
       Helen Muterspaugh of the ranch's Living History Association explained that “White House Ranch” was an informal name over the years because the prominent ranch house on the property, built by homesteaders in the 1880s, was painted white for many years.
       However, she said, when deeper research was performed, it was found that the historic color of the house was actually a tan or peach color. “So it was hard to have a 'White House Ranch' when the house wasn't white,” Muterspaugh said.
       The Chambers family, who bought the house from the homesteaders and created the farm and the orchard, called it Rock Ledge, she said. They also “did some blacksmithing, ran a boarding house, and had a truck farm that supplied a lot of produce for Old Colorado City,” she said.

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