Mountain lion sightings reported near Pioneer Park

       Residents in the Pioneer Park area have reported seeing a mountain lion multiple times over the last two months.
       “I'm looking very cautiously when I'm walking through the park now,” said Robert Perkins, a resident who said he saw one such “puddicat,” as he put it, between two yards near the park Feb. 8.
       An earlier Pioneer Parkarea sighting, just a few blocks away, occurred Jan 9, when a lion was reportedly spotted in a tree in someone's backyard. On that occasion, Perkins did not see the animal, but said he talked to a garbage man who told him that a number of trash cans along a nearby alley had been ransacked.
       On Feb. 26, recent CSU graduate Jennifer Sebben said she saw a lion while driving toward the intersection of Panorama Drive and Castle Road at about 10:30 p.m.
       At first she wasn't sure it was a mountain lion, she said, “So I slowed down, and looked at it. Its eyes had a kind of sheen,” she related, “and it was definitely larger than a house cat or the majority of dogs.” Also giving the animal's identity away was its “graceful leap” when it disappeared into a neighbor's yard, she said.
       Sebben added that her father, Butch Sebben, saw a mountain lion a few days after she did, in a back alley between Panorama and Pioneer Lane.
       In all the above cases, the animal left without incident.
       Michael Seraphin of the Colorado Division of Wildlife said winter is a typical time for mountain lions to come down from the mountains (following deer, their primary food) and it's possible the lions are spending more of their time in Sondermann Park, where deer have been known to congregate.
       For more information, call the DOW at 227-5200. Information is also available at the DOW website at

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