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Colorado Springs Fire Chief Christopher Riley (far right) was on hand as more than 30 members of Girl Scout Troop #2705 dropped off 15 cases (180 packages) of Girl Scout cookies March 6 at Fire Station 3. Troop leader Alissa Robinson is second from left, Station 3 Captain Kevin Bird next to her and Battalion Chief Russ Renck kneeling at far left. Others in blue uniforms (from left) are other members of Station 3's shift crew: Austin Pugh, Rachael Staebell and Keith Vetter.
Courtesy of Alissa Robinson

Girl Scouts treat CSFD to 180 boxes of cookies

       What better way to congratulate heroes than with cookies?
       That's what a Westside Girl Scout troop recently did, as its part in the national organization's “Hometown Heroes/Gift of Caring” program.
       The beneficiary was the Colorado Springs Fire Department. More than 30 girls from Troop #2705 came to Fire Station 3 with 15 cases (180 packages) of Girl Scout cookies.
       “We chose the Colorado Springs Fire Department as our Home Town Hero because the girls were thankful for all that firemen do for our community, including emergency medical services, and risking their lives in local fires,” said Alissa Robinson, the adult leader of Troop #2705.
       Station 3, at 922 W. Colorado Ave., was chosen for the drop-off because it is the closest one to West Elementary, where the 40-member troop meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays. “We kept a few boxes here, and the rest went to headquarters to distribute to the other stations,” explained Rachael Staebell, a firefighter/paramedic at Station 3 who was part of the shift on duty at the time.
       Other Fire Department personnel on hand for the occasion were Colorado Springs Fire Chief Christopher Riley, Battalion Chief Russ Renck and Station 3 Captain Kevin Bird.
       Staebell said she enjoyed the visit, and not just for the snacks. “It was fun for me as the only female firefighter on the crew to show them around and have them see me in a nontraditional role,” Staebell said. The Scouts seemed to have a good time, too. “The girls were screaming and running around the truck,” she said.
       Through the Hometown Heroes program, “customers have the opportunity to purchase a package of cookies to donate to Girl Scouts' heroes -- a perfect solution for those who pass on the tempting treats,” a press release states. “Girls learn about the invaluable work of their recipients by taking tours, learning about careers in public service and helping with service projects.”

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(Posted 3/13/14; Community: Groups/Clubs)

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