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District 11 starting over in search for Coronado High principal

       District 11 Human Resources has reposted the Coronado High principal position, with applications being taken from March 11-31.
       “The initial candidate interview process has concluded without a principal recommendation,” reads an e-mail March 10 from D-11 Human Resources. “Therefore the process will begin again.”
       Four finalists had been selected after an initial screening by administrators and an interview process involving school staffers, students and community members.
       The schedule had called for Superintendent Nick Gledich to make a final recommendation to the Board of Education at its March 12 meeting.
       Because it's a personnel matter, neither the school nor the distsrict can go into details about the decision to repost. However, in talking informally to people close to the situation, the Westside Pioneer has learned that there was lack of consensus in the recommendations resulting from the interviews with staff, students and community.
       The Pioneer has also been copied on two e-mails from Gledich to different Coronado parents who had asked for clarification. "We reviewed data from each of the rounds of interviews to determine if a recommendation will be made to the Board of Education for approval," Gledich wrote in one-mail. "After final interviews for the Coronado principal, I determined that it would be beneficial to repost this position. We anticipate that more applicants may apply. Those who applied previously may also reapply."
       He wrote similar comments in the other e-mail, as well as the following: "I cannot provide you with details as to what each candidate was lacking or not. I can, however, let you know that we strive to find the best candidate for our positions prior to making recommendations to the Board of Education for approval."
       The second Gledich e-mail also noted that the matter would not be on the agenda of the March 12 school board meeting, but that "you are always welcome to attend."
       As it turned out, no citizens spoke on the matter at the meeting.
       One of the finalists had been current Coronado Assistant Principal Darin Smith. The three others were from elsewhere in Colorado -- a current high school principal, elementary principal and high school assistant principal.
       One of those three, Kevin Gardner, principal at Cedaredge High School on the Western Slope, had also interviewed around the same time for the principal vacancy at Doherty High. He has been selected for the Doherty position, according to information in the March 12 board meeting packet.
       Devra Ashby, spokesperson for D-11, said that the next hiring process for Coronado will be the same, including interviews of finalists by school community, staff and student members. She said it's not that unusual to repost job positions and hoped that participants do not feel their time was wasted. "We valued their input, and and we would value it again," she said.
       When hired, the new Coronado principal will start in the 2014-15 school year, replacing current Principal Marcia Landwehr, who is retiring.

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(Posted 3/10/14, updated 3/12/14; Schools: Coronado High School)

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