EDITOR’S DESK: Cooking up the pot-pourri

       The pot-pourri of stories we've mixed together this issue is hot and ready for news digestion. Yes, I know the word is pronounced “poh,” but it still looks like “pot,” and if there's one thing I've learned in this business it's never to let a good pun go to waste. Kind of like food.
       Anyway, upbeat words of some kind seem to be in order for Gold Hill Mesa, as its ownership group continues to work toward community-oriented, economically sound and even visionary solutions to development concerns in an area whose gold tailings mess had stumped potential builders for half a century before Bob Willard and his group came along. It's hard enough to sell houses now; imagine what it's like to have potential buyers asking if they'll be poisoned if they plant a garden. Yet sales at Gold Hill have been steady throughout this recession... and yes, you can plant a garden, thanks to the extra topsoil around the homes that the owners decided years ago was worth the extra cost.
       Now, over to Mesa Springs, where the sun is once again shining. Three residents have agreed to take on the chores of running the area's community association. It's too bad it required unwavering resignation promises by the previous leaders, George Gravenstein and Steve Schwartz (as reported in the Pioneer last month) to finally light a fire under the new folks, but the fact is, George's and Steve's polite requests over the past months hadn't been working. What a contrast with the mayor and City Council races this year, hey? The mayoral competition I can fathom, because $96,000 a year isn't a bad salary, but council members still make only $6,250. And we've got 16 of them running al-large! A by-the-way on that: We decided to seek statements from all 16 - as well as the two in District 3 - so brace yourself for a lot of politics in our March 17 issue. Our intent was to find out HOW they expect to solve problems, but most seem to think it's enough to say they WILL. Sort of like a souffle that doesn't rise. Or a pot-pourri with nothing in it.

- K.J.