COSMIX starts drilling on Spruce, Bijou this week

       Rockrimmon Construc-tors is scheduled to begin drilling to locate utilities along Spruce Street and Bijou Street this week - an endeavor that will occur periodically on Bijou, Kiowa, and Spruce streets through early July, a press release states.
       “Daytime lane shifts may occur on these streets, as well as the I-25 on- and off-ramps to Bijou Street,” continues Bill Badger's release for Rockrimmon Construc- tors. “This work will not impact I-25 and at no time will I-25, the on and off-ramps or the surface streets, including Bijou, be closed to traffic for utilities locating.”
       The drilling is needed to determine the exact location and depth of utilities that may need to be relocated, Badger said.

From a press release