Electronic recycling offered this year at Gold Hill Mesa’s ‘Go Green’ event

       Gold Hill Mesa's annual St. Patrick's Day-timed “Go Green for the Springs” recycling event is being expanded in its third year.
       For the first time, people are invited to bring in electronics, including old TVs and computer equipment. A flat fee of $5 will be charged for large-screen TVs of any size, but the Gold Hill Mesa development group will pick up all other recycling costs, according to spokesperson Stephanie Edwards.
       The date is Saturday, March 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with activities centered around the development's Exchange Building community center, 142 S. Raven Mine Drive (below the clock tower, off Lower Gold Camp Road). A live band - the Big Jim Adam and John Stilwagen blues duo - will play, Bestway Disposal plans to give a presentation on its new single-stream recycling center off Sinton Road, and participants will be treated to snacks inside the center.
       “We hope that people will take advantage of the opportunity,” Edwards said, adding that environmental preservation is a longstanding objective for the Gold Hill Mesa ownership. The 210-acre, partially built-out residential/commercial development is south of Highway 24, east of 21st Street and north of Lower Gold Camp Road.
       The Blue Star Recycling company will handle the electronics recycling. “Anything with a cord, Blue Star takes,” Edwards said.
       At press time, she was still confirming an entity to take paint or batteries for Go Green, but said she was confident that would occur.
       Typical single-stream recyclables (such as cardboard, glass, metal, paper and plastic) will also be taken, as in past years, Edwards said.
       Gold Hill Mesa traditionally times its event to St. Patrick's Day as a fun take-off on the “green” theme shared by the Irish holiday and environmentalists.
       In past years, the event has included a clean-up of the portion of Fountain Creek that Gold Hill Mesa and its residents have adopted, but this year that will be scheduled as a separate “earth month” event sometime in April, Edwards said.
       To confirm what recyclables will be accepted, call 255-5030.

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