Midland celebrates 50th year of the ‘Cat’

       Midland Elementary joined a national literacy effort in honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss' “Cat in the Hat” March 3. Midland Elementary fifth-grader Milo Abrams-Hickman heads for a lunch table with his order of green eggs and ham 
March 2 as part of a Dr. Seuss celebration (note: it was also “crazy hat” day at Midland.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Staff members, including library technology educator Christine Schein (dressed as the Cat) and cafeteria manager Darcy Hilte (as Sam-I-am) read Seuss stories to the children during lunch. As part of the fun, in honor of another well-known story by the legendary children's author, students could order green eggs and ham from the cafeteria that day.
       Other reading activities were also scheduled during the day.
       According to information from Schein, Seuss wrote “Cat in the Hat” in response to a challenge from Pulitzer-winning author John Hershey that young students needed simpler reading material. The story uses a vocabulary of only 236 words.

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