Gold Hill substation marks first year on the Westside

       There's been no fanfare for the one-year anniversary of Colorado Springs Police's Gold Hill Substation, but that doesn't mean they're not happy with the place.
       “Everyone's really pleased with the facilities,” said Commander Kurt Pillard, who headed the Gold Hill Division before the move to the Westside last March from the Police Operations Center downtown and also helped lead the new facility's construction. Police are especially happy to be in less cramped quarters than when the division was downtown, he said.
       Another big positive has been the use of the station's Community Room. Available free to the community, it's been full 80 percent of the time, Pillard said. Chief occupants have been police themselves, for training, and neighborhood groups. “That's good,” he said. “That's what it's there for.”
       The 30,000-square-foot substation at 955 Moreno Ave. is manned by close to 200 employees. Built at a cost of $6.75 million, it became operational March 14 last year. In addition to the Westside, the facility's coverage area goes west to Union Boulevard, north to Fillmore Street, south to the Broadmoor and west to Manitou Springs.
       Asked about police coverage in Old Colorado City, whose merchants have sometimes complained about slow police response, Pillard noted that in certain parts of the city merchant organizations have paid to have enhanced coverage. Examples include the downtown, the Citadel, Chapel Hills Mall and Main Street (on Powers Boulevard). He said he'd be glad to talk to Old Colorado City about such an arrangement, but so far “we haven't been asked.”

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