6 from Coronado choir make All-State

       Out of 2,000 vocalists statewide who auditioned before judges this winter, just 450 were chosen for All-State Choir and, of those, 5 are Coronado High students. Coronado High vocalists who were auditioned onto the
All-State Choir this year are (from left) Kelby Kimball, Mark
Ito, Tyler Jonas Castro, Evan Hooton and Malea Ogilvie. All are seniors.
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       Tyler Jonas Castro (low bass) is a repeat selection, while fellow seniors Evan Hooton (bass), Mark Ito (baritone), Malea Ogilvie (alto) and Kelby Kimball (alto) earned the distinction for the first time.
       The auditions consisted of a solo before a judge and various tests of musical ability, he explained.
       The selectees, divided into three groups, performed Feb. 5, according to Coronado choir director Jeff Hodur.
       None of the five foresee a musical career; at the same time, all of them plan to continue singing, at least to some extent, when they graduate and go on to college.
       Castro said he will attend UCCS, majoring in English. He aspires to be an author, and has a book under way. Although choir is more like a hobby for him (it was his mother's idea, he revealed), Castro would like to get involved with UCCS' music program.
       Ito, who just started with choir last year, will be taking fire sciences courses at Pikes Peak Community College, in hopes of becoming a firefighter. He will have a minor in music theory. Asked about the All-State experience, he said he was impressed with his fellow singers. “It was so cool to be in a room with musicians where everyone knew their parts, even at the first rehearsal.”
       Kimball has been accepted at BYU, where she has decided to go for a humanities undergraduate degree, followed by a masters in library science. However, she added, “I'll at least audition for the BYU choir.”
       Ogilvie will be going to Mesa State College in Grand Junction. She has not selected a major yet, but hopes to get into the music program there, she said.
       Hooton plans to attend UCCS, “probably getting involved in the choral program and technical theater,” he said. Another effort he has going is a proposal to District 11 for a self-created part-time auditorium manager/supervisor position next year - which Hodur supports because it would take some of the performance-preparation load off directors of school performing groups, such as himself.
       Hodur directs several singing groups at Coronado, as reflected by those the All-Staters sing in - Castro (Show Choir and Blue Notes), Ito (Shomber, Chamber and Show choirs), Kimball (Chamber Choir and Women's Cantadoras), Ogilvie (Chamber Choir and Women's Cantadoras) and Hooton (Show, Men's and Chamber choirs).

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