COBWEB CORNERS: Newspaper bargains from 1948

By Mel McFarland

       I have taken you up Colorado Avenue before, but I ran across a 1948 Colorado City newspaper and I thought I would cover some of the things in it. It was just before Christmas, so stores were advertising last-minute items. West End Furniture had a few chairs, tables and lamps, if that was what you wanted. The store was at 2432 W. Colorado Ave. Next door, Joe's Clothing Store had shoes and shirts on sale.
       In the notes column was this: "Manitou Springs residents may be lonesome in winter when the Midland Terminal trains are no more. And old town will be likewise." The Midland only had about two months to go.
       West Side Gifts at 2522 W. Colorado had lace plastic tablecloths for sale. I wonder if they sold many! Henry's Shoe shop at 2428 was in business 25 years. Cunningham's Cafe at 2507 served fine food and had a complete bar. McMahan Hardware at 2419 had wagons, tricycles and bicycles. An all-steel wagon was only $9.95. Heming Sinclair at 2331 was trying to get you to check your brakes and tires for winter.
       In the notes column was this: "The work of wrecking the Golden Cycle Mill is going ahead rapidly; and it is believed that the shutdown will come sooner than at first announced."
       Electronics were on sale too! Motorolas were featured at RADIOSERVICE at 2530 W. Colorado. Chamberlin Realty was at 2409 W. Colorado, with George McDonald and J.H. Nelson. "We specialize in more protection for your premium dollar." Rickenbacher's department store at 2504 was Toy Headquarters, and even had a picture of the front of the store lit up with Christmas lights. Cooper Lidke Drug at 2512 had a variety of Christmas specials. You could get a holster and gun set for that little cowboy for $1.69. B&W Cafe at 2513 had been completely redecorated and was open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Red's Place at 2528 had cold beer and sandwiches to take out. Daugherty's at 2509 had antiques and jewelry and did watch repairs. Want a suit? Van's Toggerey at 2426 even had Tom Sawyer shirts for boys! Wright's could fix you up with a cake at 2403. Bill Henderson's Pike's Peak Photo at 2506 still had time for your photo Christmas Cards. City Grocery & Market at 2508 could fix you up with cranberries at 21 cents a can or 27 cents a pound. AH yes, Who could pass up bargains like those!