EDITORíS DESK: Strength in numbers

       Appearances can be deceiving, but numbers can't be denied. If anyone out there is wondering why the City of Colorado Springs was willing to use $12.5 million of Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) funds to buy the Red Rock Canyon Open Space, they ought to start coming to the public meetings on the property's master plan and see how many people are showing up.
       The first meeting's turnout was estimated at 85, which maxed out the West Middle School band room. So city officials decided to move the second meeting (March 3) to the West cafeteria, which has more space. Well, guess what? An estimated 130 people showed up for the second meeting, more than filling all the seats in the cafeteria.
        Now Colorado Springs Parks Director Paul Butcher says the third meeting March 10 will be likely moved to the West gymasium, which is bigger still.
       We'll see. With the meetings starting to get interesting - disagreements, hitherto discouraged, will be welcomed starting with meeting three - maybe the fourth meeting April 14 will need to be held on the school playground.
        All kidding aside, this is a great lesson in civics. Many of these attendees worked behind the scenes to bring about the purchase, and now they're working just as hard to show it was a good idea.

- K.J.