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Several students from grades 4-6 display their projects during Buena Vista Elementary's Engineering Fair Feb. 27.
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A day for engineers at Buena Vista

       Close to 100 students in grades 4-6 at Buena Vista Elementary displayed projects for their Engineering Fair Feb. 27 in the public Montessori school's gym.
       According to their teacher, Leigh Slimp-Virgo, the assignment was to “design and build a structure that includes simple machines, angles, volume, area, perimeter, etc. They were encouraged to choose a building that means something to each individual, specifically." (For example, children who love dance have made dance studios; one child who wrestles built a wrestling arena.)”
       Other exhibits, some built to scale and some not, included a hobbit house, a church, a pyramid, a pizza restaurant a movie theater and a world run by rabbits. One student's project used a small fan to power a tiny light bulb.
       Some types of materials were wood, plexiglas, Legos, cardboard, clay and metal.
       The grade PreK-6 school is at 924 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       As part of the event, students from the younger grades came to the fair and conducted a scavenger hunt for math and science components, Virgo said. Also on hand were members of the Coronado High robotics team, giving a presentation with their robot and answering questions.

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(Posted 3/3/14- Schools: Buena Vista)

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