Column praise; a question for mayors
       Thanks so much for excellent content in the Westside Pioneer.
       Also, Brad Collins' column was one of the best, most articulate and well-written pieces from a guest contributor I've ever read anywhere!
       If you do another Q&A piece with candidates for mayor please consider asking what they would do to solve the city's payroll, benefit and retirement cost problem. I recall Stephen Bartolin's (the Broadmoor's CEO ) letter to Mayor Rivera in November 2010, in which he wrote that, based on his analysis of the city's expenses, “you have a 70-percent overall payroll cost [and] $161 million payroll for 1,805 employees, which equals $89,136 per employee and benefit and pension plans that are not only Cadillac but more Ferrari.” Bartolin also said in his letter, “the game is pretty much over if you are running a 70-percent payroll cost.”

Dick Standaert