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Meet a Westsider:
Rosemarie Lovato

      Profession/Occupation... Iíve been in the medical field since 1989. The past 14 years Iíve been a medical practice manager for an endocrinologist. I love my job, I love the patients in our practice, but itís been challenging keeping up with all the changes.

      What I like most about the Westside is...I can say Iím a native. The Westside is my home town. Itís my hood, itís where I grew up. I was baptized at Sacred Heart Church, went to school there for grades 1-8, then graduated from St. Maryís High School when it was located downtown. Itís just a community of people that live for the same thing. We love our Westside, we respect each other, we love the slow pace. We take time to smell the roses!

      If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be...to bring back the St. Paddyís parade to where it began. I remember how Colorado Avenue looked on parade day. On that day we were all Irish! How we would celebrate afterwards as one big family. How the Westside was alive. It broke my heart to see it taken downtown after 2006. I refuse to go! I hope and pray that someday it is brought back to the Westside.

      A good movie I've seen recently is... ďUnbrokenĒ and ďAmerican Sniper.Ē All I can say is: Wow! Youíve got to go check them out. Both true stories. Both having to do with serving in the war and surviving. We are blessed to be living in a military town. I want to thank all our military and their families for serving. God bless you.

      Iíd like to discover... Being honest, I would have to say, Iíd like to discover true love! Thanks to my friend Sandy for helping me out with this question. Being single nowadays, itís so much harder to find that soul mate. I know somewhere out there is a true gentleman.

      If I could meet someone famous, I'd like to meet... Pope Francis. Iíve heard such wonderful things about him in all his travels to other countries. How he is getting the job done.

       The next time I travel, I'm going to... get in my car and go visit different cities in Colorado. Even though Iíve lived here all my life, there are way too many towns in this beautiful state that I have not seen.

      My favorite childhood memory is... Wow, so many! Letís see, first of aIl, the drive-in movie theaters. My parents would take us kids to the Eighth Street Drive In (at the top of the hill, now part of Motor City), the Skyview Drive In on 21st street (now Bloomís Mill Hill). We used to stop at McDonaIdís (when it was on the corner of 8th and Highway 24) to get five burgers for a buck. Weíd make our own popcorn, and Mom used to mix the spring water from Manitou with Kool-aid. It tasted just like soda. Those were the days. I also remember playing at the ďsand dunesĒ (where Gold Hill Mesa is now). There was a stormwater tunnel under Highway 24 at 14th Street, and we used to cross Fountain Creek and spend the whole day there. One more memory: Riding my bike everywhere. I used to take off and head to the Citadel Mall when they first built it. It was a long ride.

      My favorite spring pastime is... My birthday is March 20, the first day of spring. I always wanted to change my name to ďSpring Lovato.Ē This is my favorite season because so much is happening. The trees growing leaves, the grass turning green, the tulips come up. And seeing that first robin, which my father told me thatís when you knew spring was here. Being able to sit outside on a picnic table or outside at your favorite place. Going to the parks to play or listen to an outdoors concert. I love springtime in the Rockies.

      Something good I've read is...a daily devotion of encouragement every day. Also, the Gazette and Westside Pioneer to keep up with the community.

      My pet peeve is... Iím glad you asked. The Santa Fe Trail and Midland Trail were built so bicyclists would have a place to ride their bikes. Lately Iíve noticed certain bicyclists acting like they own Colorado Avenue. Recently one pulled up next to my car at a stop light and tried to share my lane because another car was in the other lane. This person punched my car door and took off. Iím like, really! So just letting you bicyclists know about the Midland trail.

      If I didn't have to work for a year, IÖ would definitely be spending more time with my kids, grandchildren and familia. I would like to also volunteer more and help out more in the community. Most of all, Iíd like to sleep in and stay up late! Enjoy my home in Bear Creek Canyon.

(Posted 3/7/15; Opinions: Meet a Westsider)

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