EDITOR’S DESK: Strike right note to avoid discord

       “... And the white knight is talking backwards/ and the Red Queen's off with her head...”
       They just don't write 'em like that any more. Some might say that's no loss, which is where any debate might begin (or end) on the bold plan by Old Colorado City merchant Charlie Cagiao to book an ensemble of original Jefferson Airplane band members and noteworthy musical friends on Colorado Avenue May 6.
       I've got to admit, I'm prejudiced. I was a big fan of the group, way back when. Songs like "White Rabbit" (lyrics excerpted above) struck a chord somewhere, and the funny thing is, they still do, just in a different way... which, I'd like to think, demonstrates that the music was more than noise, after all.
       But noise is a relative thing, and as I talked to Charlie about his plan this week, I started wondering how the idea might be received by some residents around Old Colorado City. The issue of the neighborhood's rights to peace and quiet vs. the desire/need for the business district to schedule attractive events has already arisen this winter. City Parks at one point even asked the Farmers Market about moving from its popular 24th Street summer-Saturday locale to the more remote Vermijo Park. (The market said no, and the city dropped the idea.) And now here we are with a concert that promises to blast free, live rock 'n roll from 27th Street and Colorado Avenue from noon until nearly 9 o'clock at night, with a nearby beer garden to keep things lubricated. Will some residents rise up and complain? If so, what should be the city's response? Of course, residents' concerns should be weighed carefully, but the last thing that should happen is a kneejerk political reaction that would summarily wipe out Old Colorado City's chance to host some of the great rock musicians of our time. In short, to paraphrase "White Rabbit," let's be sure that "logic and proportion" do not fall "sloppy dead."

- K.J.