Coronado dances intergenerationally at 5th annual Senior Citizens' Ball

       They did the waltz. They did the limbo. They danced in a circle.
No one complained that Ruby Wyatt (third from left,
surrounded by Coronado High students) fudged a little to
get under the bar during the “Limbo Rock” song at the
Senior Citizens’ Ball in the school’s auxiliary gym Feb. 23.
The Student Council organized the annual event, including
hiring a brass band.
Westside Pioneer photo
Gathered in a big circle, participants in Coronado High’s
Senior Citizens’ Ball Feb. 23 dance the “hokey-pokey” to the
music of the New Century Big Band (in far corner), which
had been hired for the night by the Student Council.
Westside Pioneer photo

       It was the one night in the year when young and old traditionally get together in the spirit of music at Coronado High School.
       In all, close to 100 people closed age gaps of half a century or more during the fifth annual Coronado High Senior Citizens' Ball in the school's auxiliary gym Feb. 23. Featuring the 17-piece New Century Big Band, the free event was organized by the school's Student Council.
       “It's awesome that the kids are doing this,” commented Judy Nelson, who regularly ballroom-dances with her husband Gary at the International Polka Club on the Westside. “I think it's great,” added Gary, before the duo returned to the floor to provide more smooth footwork examples to the younger set.
       One notable couple was CHS student Matt Francioli and his grandmother, Ruby Wyatt. “I'm having a ball,” Wyatt said. “It takes me back to when I was 18.”
       She was also helping her grandson get comfortable with the traditional dance styles. “I just learned this week,” Francioli said, referring to at-school lessons provided to council members by a Broadmoor dance instructor. “It's fun.”
       Laurel Johnson and Catherine Bradley, two Student Council members who led the planning for the event, expressed pleasure with how the evening was going. The council members had decorated the gym, put out refreshments, partnered with a local senior living company to advertise the event and lined up a limo to carry seniors from the school parking lot to the gym entrance.
       “I like seeing everyone having a good time,” Johnson said.
       “It's nice to see the old couples together,” said Bradley. “It shows it really can last.”
       Among those in attendance were CHS Principal Susan Humprhey and Vice Principal Tom Sandoval. They mostly stood on the sidelines, providing moral support, but couldn't resist a turn or two in the limbo line.
       “I love seeing our kids hosting an intergenerational event,” Humphrey said, then added with a smile, “and learning how to do the fox trot.”

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