Questions if ‘concept’ retained
       In regard to the changing of concepts at the Ranch Steakhouse [“Ranch Steakhouse staying natural” in the Feb. 22 Westside Pioneer], I know you were just asking questions and hoping for truthful answers from executive chef Richard Hero.
       However, it needs to be noted his comments could not be further from the truth. Please let me cite some statements by Mr. Hero [in italics] and then provide the reality.
       The Callicrate departure won't change the 'concept' and will provide all-natural foods. The concept and pledge has changed. They no longer serve all-natural foods.
       “All our meat is natural, hormone free, and antibiotic-free.” IBP, Packer Label Beef, and “Stockyards” are raised with antibiotics and are hormone implanted (contain hormones).
       The vegetables are untreated. Of course they are not treated in the restaurant. They are produced with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc.
       He described the new supplier, Stockyard Beef from Denver as “outstanding.” I have talked to chefs in town who will not use “Chicago” (not Denver) Stockyards.
       “It's Colorado-raised natural beef. I get to choose the cows.” Ridiculous, A chef does not get to choose cows from a large producer.

Don Martin, Director of Sales/ Marketing, Ranch Foods Direct

Editor’s note: Asked to respond, Richard Hero said he stands by the statements that were quoted in the article and that the Ranch Steakhouse offers diners a “great, quality product.” The Pioneer also received a letter from Melissa Marts, who had run the former Ranch Foods Direct market at the Steakhouse, essentially reiterating the points raised by Martin.