EDITORíS DESK: Good news, bad news and Kiowa

       OK, which way to go with the commentary this week? On the one side, we've got the good news, as exemplifed by the annual Senior Citizens' Ball that the Coronado High School Student Council put on Feb. 23. It was fun seeing the interactions between the elders and the students, enjoying the music and being treated to some truly excellent dancing (sorry, kids, I'm not talking about you here).
       Elsewhere, we've got the grin-and-bear-it revelation that the Cimarron bridge will continue to be a two-lane creep for another year. So, if you've got an alternate route, get used to it, I guess. They're all backed up? Well, then, I recommend audio books on CD or cassette. If a story's good enough, sometimes I've found myself wishing the traffic jam would last a little longer.
       There is one story in this week's Pioneer that is hard to ignore, and that's the Kiowa Street infill project. The only reason I didn't want to jump into that right away is that I went off on it twice in a row before last week, and I don't want to overdo it. But it's hard to get twisted about, say, the Cimarron bridge, when you consider what that neighborhood is going through. Neighborhood leader Jenna Saunders did a wonderful job of presenting herself in an amiable and upbeat way while ticking off continuing problems for a mostly unable-to-help City Council... then found out the next day that, as icing on the cake, she's also on her own with her personal project-related issue (a survey conflict between the infill property and hers).
       The one upside to all this is that city staffers, responding to council urgings, seem to be taking Kiowa a little more seriously than they had been. They can dispute me on that if they want, but the current reality seems to speak for itself.

- K.J.