For now at least, time ‘historic’ on plaza clock

       History is Old Colorado City's stock in trade. Current visitors can even say, to paraphrase Old Town dentist Mary Purinsh, that they've been there when “time stood still.”
       The symbol of this anomaly is the prominent wooden clock that sits about 40 feet above the Old Town Plaza parking lot at the southwest corner of 25th Street and Colorado Avenue.
       The hands on the clock stopped early in February, much to the consternation of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District, which is responsible for the device.
       “The motor needs to be rebuilt or replaced,” explained Dave Porter, the district's maintenance employee.
       A local electric company recently removed the unit. “They went up in a cherry-picker, pulled off half the clock face and took it out,” Porter said.
       It isn't known yet how long the fix will take. “It could be a month. It could be six months,” he said.
       The clock is believed to date back to when the plaza - a two-story grouping of retail and office spaces - was built by the Chambon family in the 1960s.
       Porter said the clock has malfunctioned before. According to his report, the last time time stood still in Old Colorado City was 15 years ago when some gears stripped out.
       In the meantime, as Purinsh noted, the clock's time is right twice a day - or, to be technical, four times, because the east-facing side says 6:40 and the west-facing side says 8:30.

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