Gas-line upgrade in Platte’s 2900 block

       A gas-line upgrade project that started last week is expected to keep the 2900 block of West Platte Avenue closed to through traffic for about three more weeks.
       The work is part of the ongoing Colorado Springs Utilities gas renewal effort, which involves “systematically replacing” gas lines or, where possible, inserting plastic liner through the old lines to avoid having to dig lines up, according to Stephen Thompson, gas construction crew supervisor for Utilities' Energy Services Division.
       He said the 2900 block is one of just a few left on the Westside that still has what's called “bare steel” lines. Installed underground - more than 50 years ago in that block - those types had no protective coating and thus were prone to rust. One stub leading from the street's gas line to a house had actually rusted so far that there was a tiny hole in it, Thompson said.
       Crews are replacing the stubs to the houses as part of the project, he explained.
       An overlay of the block is scheduled after the work is done.

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