Time capsule
The story of the Templeton Building

       Editor’s note: In the spirit of the sesquicentennial anniversary of Colorado City, the Westside Pioneer would like to hear about more “time capsules” (such as the one below) regarding historic Westside commercial or residential buildings that people own or rent.

       Deb's Coffee House is located at 2 S. 25th St., in the original home of Henry Templeton. As with many western towns, Old Colorado City started its life amidst the Gold Rush period of the latter half of the 19th century. It sprang to life as the hub for prospectors heading up Ute pass to the promise of fortune.
       Henry Templeton, like many settlers in Colorado, came west for health reasons. A businessman at heart, he prospered in the creation of Colorado City's “Hawkeye Flour Mill” and helped build portions of its downtown area, namely, the stately brick building on the northwest corner of what is now 25th and Colorado Avenue in 1889. Still known as the “Templeton Building,” it has housed many businesses, boarding rooms and meeting rooms through the last century.
       In 1890, Templeton built his home just north of his downtown building. His family lived there before his death in 1914.
       This building too, has had a colorful history, with many businesses that have come and gone. Deb's Coffee House occupies Henry Templeton's home now, vowing to keep much of the home's historical aspects intact as a monument to a true Colorado City pioneer.

Edited from press release by Deb’s Coffee House