Pavilion completed at Red Rock

       The new pavilion is completed and already seeing use at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space visitors make use of the new pavilion.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The combination of red rock, concrete, large timbers and steel provide a combination of shelter and sitting places next to the Red Rock Canyon Trail where it passes the Bock pond. The covered portion is 615 square feet and the open air portion 1,534 square feet, according to City Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber, who said he was “delighted” with the finished product. “We were able to preserve much of the character of the former Bock residence [on that site] and at the same time, create a truly unique public gathering space,” he said.
       The $359,000 project was funded with Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) funds, except for $100,000 that was donated in a fundraising campaign by the volunteer Friends of Red Rock Canyon.
       Contractor Charlie Paterson pulled his crews out at the end of January, feeling good about the project. “It really looks nice,” he said. “Everyone likes it.”
       There had been some suspense. The work included salvaging stone and timbers from the garage/bomb shelter on the other side of the trail (which was demolished, along with the Bock house, in conjunction with the project). These materials were used, along with the house's inner stonework, which was retained as a part of the pavilion. In the end, there was just enough usable quantities of both timbers and stones, Paterson said.
       “Another thing we were concerned about during the demolition was closing the trail [for some of the heavier work],' he said. “But we actually never had to do that. People were cooperative if they needed to wait or to be careful. The process worked out nicely.”

Close-up of some of the pavilion rockwork.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Still to come are interpretive signs for the pavilion, as well as the rest of Red Rock.These are being written and designed now, with the goal of having at least some of them posted by the time of a formal pavilion dedication, probably in May, according to Matt Mayberry, cultural services director for the City Parks Department.
       Also this spring, Lieber said the city will be partnering with the Friends of Red Rock Canyon on a volunteer project to revegetate the areas around the pavilion.
       Red Rock Canyon Open Space takes in just under 800 acres, with parking lots/trailheads off Highway 24 at Ridge Road and off 31st Street just south of the highway.

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