Meet a Westsider:
Sandy Richardson

Profession/Occupation... I am officially retired. My daughter Kellie and I own and operate a licensed home daycare. Kellie, Joshua (my grandson) and I also have an online retail shop (called Quite Nice). I am also the volunteer coordinator for Buena Vista Elemen-tary and committee member with Cub Scout Pack 24.

What I like most about the Westside is... it’s beautiful and has great people. It is a community with people who support one another.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... litter. Just seems to be more lately.

A good movie I’ve seen recently is... “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I think it gives people hope.

I'd like to discover... anything with Josh Bernstein, an archaeologist who appears on both the Travel and History channels.

If I could meet someone famous, I’d like to meet... Laura Bush – I think that what she’s done with the reading program is just incredible; and Hillary Clinton, because she’s a fascinating person.

The next time I travel, I’m going to... Mount Rushmore, Montana and Texas.

My favorite childhood memory is... I have so many. Going to school with the same kids from K-12 in Manitou Springs (and still being friends with them today), climbing down the creek wall on Ruxton Avenue and walking in the creek down to Manitou Avenue. When a girl is in the fifth grade, it’s quite an adventure!

My favorite winter pastime is... Watching the children sled and play in the snow and at times joining them. I also love to crochet. It is a great stress reliever.

Something good I’ve read is.. “Death Be Not Proud,” by John Gunther. It was years ago, and the book stuck with me.

My pet peeve is... Speeders on North 17th St (we live here and this is the street where the city is/was supposed to put in a calming circle/device), people on bicycles not stopping at stop signs and people that talk over other people.

If I didn’t have to work for a year I would... travel to Ireland and England. Of course, I would take my grown children, Kellie and Rob and Rob’s wife Becky and both grandsons, Drue and Joshua. Oh, maybe Mom and Chuck would like to go!

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