EDITORíS DESK: Duck, itís election season

       Jerry Heimlicher has a reasonable grievance. The District 3 City Council member is having his record twisted a bit. Could it be that it's election season?
       In charting a course for the good ship Pioneer, one of our main rules is to steer clear of politics wherever possible. And most certainly Jerry is a politician, running for his third term on council. So having a thick skin is somewhat of a job requirement for him.
       But it also sticks in my craw when political supporters prefer to look for slips, or what could be construed as slips, in their opponents rather than to focus on what makes their own candidates shine.
       In this case, the issue is White Acres. Somehow, in the last few months that 50-acre hillside with a few nice cliffs and a scenic view has been transmogrified in some people's minds into an almost holy place. White Acres! We must have it for open space! At any price? Well, there's the rub. Heimlicher, in his role as a City Council member - and evidently with support from other council members - has been trying to strike a good deal. But not trying hard enough, or so the accusation seems to be coming through. Why he's even been putting other open spaces ahead of... yes, White Acres. Even now, when a good deal appears to be struck, well, the fact that it won't come to fruition until after the council election is being declared suspect.
       I suppose from a pure political angle all this makes sense, because the Save White Acres people are more likely to vote in an election than people who just want their potholes filled, for example, or their neighbor's dog to stop barking.
       What I would really like to see may not happen at all - a straight-up debate between Heimlicher and his opponent, Dave Gardner. They have some very interesting philosophical differences. I'd like to hear them go at it, rather than Gardner's supporters go at Heimlicher (or vice versa). So how about it? Can we do that? Or must we just dodge mudballs?

- K.J.