EDITORíS DESK: The importance of dancing

       I have officially found my favorite story in the two months since the Westside Pioneer started. It can be found on Page 1 of this issue, accompanied by the picture of Coronado students learning from a Broadmoor ballroom dance instructor how to do the fox trot.
       My delight in this story is not just because it was fun watching the kids smacking into each other on the gym floor while trying to pick up the fine art of slow, graceful, short-stepping movements with a partner. No, the best part was that the Student Council members themselves - by organizing their second annual Senior Citizen Dance - had created the scenario where this was happening.
       And then a thought struck me... Has the older generation let these teen-agers down? When I was a kid, there seemed to have been a concerted effort by the elders to make sure we at least had a passing notion of such social graces as ballroom dancing. It was like passing a torch, a piece of civilization. I don't know how much that goes on today; if there is collective parental guilt, then I certainly share in it. Left on their own for seemingly ages now, America's youth have filled the void by creating their own dances, which in some cases are so violent a person can suffer serious injury.
        That these students are reaching out to their elders to learn the classic dances is something we can learn from as well.

- K.J.