‘Dr. Seusscentennial’ planned at Westside schools

       Several Westside public schools plan to celebrate the 100th birthday March 2 of the late, legendary children's writer, Dr. Seuss, with reading festivities on or near that date. (The public is only invited in the list below where indicated.)
        Buena Vista: March 2 - As part of the Read Across America program, Superintendent Norm Ridder will read a Dr. Seuss book to the school at 8:15 a.m. in the gym. Students (in groups of eight) will be read books of different genres by teachers stationed at different locations within the school.
       Howbert: Feb. 27 - In the Hooked on Books program, speakers (including an author, an illustrator and a World War II veteran) will be reading to students throughout the day.
       Whittier: March 2 - reading, games, movies and designing t-shirts. Westside residents, including Westside Pioneer Assistant Publisher Therese Jordan, will be reading to students from 12:30-1 p.m.
        Midland: March 5 - Dr. Seuss books read to students in the library throughout the day by staff and volunteers.
       Pike: March 2 (1:30 p.m., PUBLIC INVITED) - Principal Manuel Ramsey will lead students in the Reader's Oath. Inspector Magic, Mark Weidhaas, will do a magic show paying tribute to Dr. Seuss and reading in general. Pike's Treasure Chest Reading Club, a program that encourages nightly reading at home, will have a program where children will go on a journey around the world in search of the Fish in the Teapot. Through this journey, the children will learn about each continent in an entertaining way. Green Eggs and Ham (a famous Seuss literary meal) will be served for breakfast.
        Bristol: March 19 - Read Across America will start with the weekly schoolwide broadcast featuring Lenny Mazel, a local disc jockey. After the broadcast and throughout the morning, readers from around the community will be sharing their favorite children's book with the various K-5 classes. An allschool read is scheduled, as well as some special read/write activities in the classrooms. A special Dr. Seuss assembly will be from 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. (PUBLIC INVITED). Contact: Joan Grant, 328- 4024.
       Ivywild: March 2 - Community readers will read Dr. Seuss books from noon to 2 p.m. That evening will be a Family Literacy Night at 6 p.m. (PUBLIC INVITED), which will provide: suggested ways for parents to read to and with their children, a Title I survey on parent involvement and needs, story-tellers, food (pizza, pop and chips) and CSAP prep information.
       Coronado: Through March 4 - book drive for local organizations. Feb. 27-March 5 - trivia questions over the intercom. March 2 - students and staff can dress up as any favorite character from a book. (Events are being organized by the Teacher Educators of America Club and the CHS English department.)

Compiled by the Westside Pioneer