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Roundhouse has 3 improvement projects at same time

Two outside projects at the Roundhouse commercial center... ABOVE: Crews tear up the temporary asphalt on the north end of the main parking lot this week. Permanent pavement is to be laid, with the space expected to usable again by mid-March. In the background is the Ghost Town attraction, which faces onto the same lot. BELOW: The formerly grassy area near the intersection of 21st Street and Bott Avenue is being developed for a coffee kiosk and 35 parking spaces.
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       Three simultaneous projects on the Roundhouse commercial center property will result in the following:
  • At the corner of 21st Street and Bott Avenue - a 35-space parking lot and a Dutch Brothers coffee kiosk on what had been an open area.
  • At the north end of the center's parking lot - a permanent parking area for about 60 cars, replacing what had been a temporary area with the same number of spaces.

  • Inside the building - an urgent-care center and offices for two family-practice doctors.
           The first two projects are being overseen by the Griffis/Blessing company, which six years ago coordinated the restoration of the historic Roundhouse (originally a Midland Railroad repair facility). Griffis/Blessing had also been approved at that time to put a free-standing business at the 21st/Bott corner.
           Steve Engel, president of Griffis-Blessing, said no new curb cuts will be needed. Access to the lot and kiosk (a 400-square-foot, double-sided drive-through) will be created from the current parking area/driveway south of the building between 21st and Bott.
           Engel estimated the opening of the parking area by April and the kiosk by May.
           The lot and business will be landscaped with trees and shrubs, he added.
           The replacement parking-lot work (visible from Highway 24) is in an area that was also approved for a stand-along building, but Engel said such a development is “further down the road. We need to have adequate parking for our tenants.” He said he believes the new area should be ready for use by mid-March.
           The area had been temporarily paved after the center's main tenant, Colorado Mountain Brewery, opened for business in September 2012. The lot as a whole has more than 200 spaces.
           The project to prepare the medical space is being managed by Colorado Springs Health Partners, which leased the space after Carmichael Training moved out last fall. The two doctors, who are part of the CSHP group, will have about half of the 11,000 square feet and the urgent-care center (owned by CSHP) will use the other half.
           The offices are expected to be ready for patients sometime this spring.

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    (Posted 2/26/14; Land: Construction)

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