EDITORíS DESK: When sports canít be denied

       As long-time readers are aware, this newspaper doesn't have a sports section. Or comics, or crosswords, or puzzles, or... whoa, let me close that door.
       But getting back to the first point, it's not as if we at the Westside Pioneer dislike sports. Certainly, any thoughts along those lines ought to be disspelled by one look at the front page of this issue. No question, the Coronado wrestling achievement was the biggest story of the week... and maybe a far longer time span than that.
       Why? Well, there is of course the element of
       rarity - a state team title. The school had not gained such a trophy in any sport since 1992. And there's definitely the character aspect, with the hard work and sacrifice. But the part that really got to me was the defiant honor behind the team's title run. It's not something you see every day. A quick background: For years Coronado, with its diminishing enrollment (about a 250-student drop in the past 10 years), has watched its athletes face off in sports against mega-schools that dwarfed their own - those giant ones in 5A with two or three times as many students and sports complexes that would rival those on college campuses. So a casual observer might think that, after just missing a state 5A title in 2010, the Coronado wrestling team's returning seniors would have accepted with relief the state's decision to drop their school to 4A so they could at last face teams from schools their own size... and, quite possibly, pave an easier road to that coveted state championship.
       But as it turned, out, those seniors would have none of it. Like the impossibly romanticized Colorado City gunslinger who lets the bad guys draw first, they insisted on keeping the school's 5A ranking in 2011 so they, at little Coronado, could duke it out one last time with the biggest and baddest wrestling powerhouses in the state. And sure enough, this time they won it all. Now that's the stuff of which legends are born.
       But we still aren't starting a sports section.

- K.J.