Concrete work on 8th is prep for overlay

       Traffic along South Eighth Street has been constrained over the past week by a Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) concrete-repair project between Cimarron Street/Highway 24 and Motor City Drive.
       The work, mostly involving as-needed repairs to existing curb and gutter, is scheduled for completion by Feb. 29, weather permitting.
       According to CeCe Beauchamp, RTA project administrator, the project is tied to the city's street overlay program, in which any needed concrete upgrades must be implemented before streets are repaved. In the case of South Eighth, the Cimarron-to-Motor-City overlay is planned in June or July, Beauchamp said.
       As a rule, such concrete projects only replace segments that are damaged, but a decision was made to install new curb and gutter on the west side of the 600 block (across from the Sonic restaurant) because of drainage problems. “That's an area where water is always standing,” pointed out Steve Podoll, an RTA project inspector.
       Also lacking curb and gutter is the west side of the 400 and 500 blocks, and curb/gutter installation was considered there as well. However, these blocks do not have major drainage problems; plus, adding such amenities would require re-engineering that side of the road, which would make the project too expensive, Beauchamp said.
       During the project, drivers are losing one of the two southbound or northbound through lanes, depending on which side of Eighth Street is getting worked on.
       The project funding comes from the annual street maintenance portion of the RTA budget, Beauchamp said. The contractor, selected by the city, is AA Construction.

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