The year of the concrete – much of Westside is in on-call ‘grid’ for 2012

       The current project on South Eighth Street is funded separately, but it serves as a reminder that the coming year will see concrete repair work throughout the Westside north of Highway 24.
       Unlike Eighth Street, which is part of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) “overlay prep” program, much of the concrete work elsewhere on the Westside will be handled by contractors through the RTA's “on-call” program.

Workers with AA Construction lay concrete this week on Costilla off Eighth Street (LEFT) and along Eighth (ABOVE) as part of a project between Cimarron Street and Motor City Drive to prepare for a pavement overlay this summer.
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       On-call refers to locations that people have told the RTA about, in which there are damaged sidewalks and/or curbs and gutters.
       For geographic coordination, City Streets has overlaid the city into 16 grids and focuses on one each year. Grid 2 - west of I-25, south of Garden of the Gods Road, east of Manitou and north of Highway 24 - is designated as the main on-call focus this year, according to CeCe Beauchamp, RTA project administrator.
       The city has an overall backlog of 6,062 complaints, some going back several years, the City Streets website states. Each of these locations has been examined, then assigned to one of four categories (priorities 1 through 4, with 1 the worst).
       “We are on year 4 of the first Citizen Request Concrete Repair 5-year plan,” Beauchamp elaborated in an e-mail. “The second five-year plan has not been finalized yet. It will be based primarily on the grids with the highest concentrations of Priority 1's and 2's at the time of selection, as well as other factors.”
       Because of the long on-call list in each grid and the RTA's budget limitations, typically only Priority 1 and 2 problems get fixed. And there sometimes is not even enough money to fix all the Pri-2s, Beauchamp pointed out.
       This year's Grid 2 on-call budget is about $900,000. “When the budget runs out, we will be done,” she said.
       An example of a current Grid 2 on-call project is the one that started on Kiowa Street just west of Walnut about a month ago.
       Grid 3 is the area south of Highway 24 that includes the Midland area, as well as, farther south, much of Cheyenne/Broadmoor. It does not yet have a scheduled year.
       Going into 2012, Grid 2 had 785 on-call requests, including 39 designated as Priority 1 and 556 as Priority 2, Beauchamp said.
       Here is the list of the Grid 2 Priority 1 project addresses (all of which will get addressed in 2012, according to Beauchamp):
       19th St. & Pikes Peak Ave.
       30th & King sts.
       1608 W. Bijou St.
       1610 W. Bijou St.
       1611 W. Bijou St.
       1614 W. Bijou St.
       1615 W. Bijou St.
       1619 W. Bijou St.
       1620 W. Bijou St.
       1622 W. Bijou St.
       1625 W. Bijou St.
       1626 W. Bijou St.
       1630 W. Bijou St.
       2002 W. Bijou St.
       2825 W. Bijou St.
       2027 Chestnut St.
       1460 Holland Park Blvd.
       1023 Pike Dr.
       810 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       817 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       907 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       911 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       919 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       924 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       937 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       1003 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       1006 W Pikes Peak Ave.
       1010 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       1903 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       1911 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       2014 W Pikes Peak Ave.
       820 W. Pikes Peak Ave (school)
       1924 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (school)
       1608 W Platte Ave.
       1299 Vondelpark Dr.
       1002 N Walnut St.
       Walnut & Kiowa sts. (NE corner)
       Walnut & Yampa sts. (NW corner)
       1299 Vondelpark Dr.

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