Excuses, excuses!
Creative reasons for tardiness at Whittier

       Editor's note: The February issue of the Eagle News, Whittier Elementary School's monthly newsletter, displayed an article titled “The reason I was late.”
       Asked if the student excuses in the article were actually reported to the school, Whittier Secretary Lisa Kadlec said yes. Also, she said she's compiling a list of similar excuses she's heard from parents, such as “My hands were in the hamburger.”
       “The reason I was late” article appears below.

       We have had trouble with students getting to school on time. As you can see, the excuses sound a little funny. If you recognize one or more of these, you may want to set the alarm clock a few minutes earlier to help your child achieve his/her goals.
       “My sister was dancing around her candy.”
       “I took too long to brush my teeth.”
       “I was having costume problems.”
       “We were watching 'Rug Rats.'”
       “I walked slowly.”
       “My uncle was yelling at me.”
       “Grandma's car goes too slow.”
       “The red light was too long.”
       “It was Daddy's fault.”
       “I threw a fit.”
       “We had to go to breakfast and eat rich, but we are poor.”
       “I was at my mom's friend's house.”
       “It was a busy week.”
       “I had no dry pants; it was my mom's fault.”
       “We had our own delay.”
       “I was in a really comfy bed.”
       “We slept in.”
       “The alarm clock can't wake us up.”
       “Somebody hid my shoes and messed up my room.”
       “A spider bit me in the eye.”
       “My brother couldn't get his pants on fast enough.”

Reprinted with permission from the Eagle News