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Westsiders invited to annual OWN membership meeting March 10

       By Welling Clark, President, Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN)

       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) will hold its 2016 annual membership meeting Thursday, March 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Cucuru Gallery Café, 2332 W. Colorado Ave.
       Come and join us in selecting new OWN board members and getting updates on current events, including a proposal to reduce the number of Colorado Avenue traffic lanes in Old Colorado City and the implementation timetable for the Westside Avenue Action Plan (major improvements to the avenue west of 31st Street).
       You can meet fellow residents who are working to make the Westside a better place to live. Low-key, informative and fun!
       If you'd like more information or are interested in working with OWN on its neighborhood efforts, contact us at westside.neighbors@yahoo.com or myself at welling80904@yahoo.com.
       Information on Cucuru (a great Westside restaurant) can be found at cucurucafe.net.

       City wants neighborhood opinion on cannabis clubs
       What is your opinion as to whether or not to allow marijuana smoking clubs? If yes, should they be zoned in industrial areas so they won't affect residents/schools? Councilmember Don Knight believes they should be banned because of a “reimbursement” loophole that allows pot to change hands at such businesses without actual sales. See his Westside Pioneer guest column at this link. In such a case, the clubs that are currently open will be grandfathered for five years.
       You can speak at the council meeting Tuesday, March 8, at Colorado Springs City Hall (107 N. Nevada Ave.), starting at 1 p.m., or you can e-mail your opinion before that to City Council at allcouncil@springsgov.com.
       Please let the city know where you stand. This is a very important issue and affects our neighborhoods.

       CSPD update: Protect the valuables in your car
       - Are your doors locked?
       - Are your windows rolled up?
       - Are your valuables visible?
       - Are wires to your electronics sticking from under your seat?
       - Is your garage door opener in your car? Your home address?
       Make sure to hide:
       - Gym bags.
       - School bags/backpacks.
       - Lunch boxes.
       - Packages.
       Remember, it only takes seconds to get into your car. Look in your car and think - would a thief want to get in?
       If you have any neighborhood crime questions or concerns, call Sid Santos, the Gold Hill Police Station crime prevention officer, at 385-2117.
       To report crimes or suspicious activities, call the general police number at 444-7000. For emergencies, call 911.

(Posted 2/28/16; Opinion: Guest Columns)

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